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Project Description
VorbisPlayer is the audio user control for Silverlight games. It plays loop-sets seamless, it solves the short sound problem, and it can play sound effects with low latency.

SeuJogo VorbisPlayer

For the technical fundamentals, full credits go to Atsushi Eno’s MoonVorbis and the Open Source community. MoonVorbis was wrapped into an easy-to-use Silverlight user control, to play Ogg Vorbis sound files.

The VorbisPlayer is what everybody has been looking for. The VorbisPlayer solves the short sound problem, is able to play loop-sets seamless, and can play sound effects with low latency.

The source code contains two Silverlight projects.

One project contains the VorbisPlayer source code. This project can be compiled, and you can reference the resulting .dll in your own project.

The second project contains examples, how to use the VorbisPlayer in different situations. Sound is not included. So the examples are only for illustration.

The VorbisPlayer has been specifically developed to use in Silverlight games.

Backgrounds on the research for this project is desribed in this article

The player has been used in the Silverlight game Slengo.

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